BESTFriends... Backstory

When Michelle was told she had RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and faced taking harmful medication(s) for the rest of her life, we dove deep to find alternative methods of treatment; hence our discovery of Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy and other modalities of healing. 

We are firm believers,“you are NOT your diagnosis,” and see beyond standard practices of care. We are OVER the MOON with joy to help YOU, our wonderful friends live a life with less, (if any) pain, and a LOT more pizza.


Michelle- is a kick-butt mother of two; manager of her softball team, player-agent for her son’s little league and supports her daughter’s passion for fashion. Health & fitness have been a huge part of her life since age 12 yr. and now is a Pilates enthusiast. Despite the “diagnosis” Michelle has created a fun and harmonious life which makes her very happy. However… when combined with helping others feel better, it makes her ECSTATIC! 

*Side-note, she’s also the (BEST), best-friend & biz partner anyone could have. 


Barbara-  Choose Happy Thoughts!  Being in Entertainment is a bloody BLAST, however aging in Hollywood is not! My go to treatments are Full Body Cryo, Cryo Facials & Fat Freeze treatments (for ma pooch). As a long time vegan, the key to my happiness lies in the consumption of pizza, pasta, bread and yeah, a lil vino; combined with hikes, vacations to the gym (do love to exercise) and travels to my beloved 

ALL MY CRYO!  It is my sincere desire to see each and every customer walk out with a smile and feel better about themselves. You are APPRECIATED when you visit our studio, thank you! 

Our Name, our Bond...

We owe our magical friendship and fantastic new business to Erica Kane, Adam Chandler and of course Tad & Dixie. Yep, it all started with us bonding over ‘All My Children’ which naturally we had to incorporate into our story… ‘All My Cryo’

Our TEAM...


Laura (a.k.a. Two-time World Champion Kickboxer)- has been a fitness and kickboxing coach for over 16 years and has had the privilege of transforming hundreds of lives. She's a very well respected member of the Martial Arts world winning her first World Kickboxing Title when she was 22 years old, then defended  her World Title a year later. Laura is a 4th Degree Kickboxing Black Belt and loves the stand up striking art. Learning how she can help others through wellness, fitness and alternative therapies like Cryotherapy and Red Light Therapy is a passion of Laura's and she's excited to be a part of the 'All My Cryo' Team. 


Lyndon- Growing up a workout and fitness junkie and playing collegiate football, I became obsessed with staying fit and overall wellness, which is part of the reason I wanted to work in an environment like 'All My Cryo'. Being an Athlete most definitely comes with its share of physical challenges and ongoing rehab. I’ve had two knee surgeries in the past year that were very traumatizing both physically and emotionally so I can relate to anyone who’s had a surgical procedure and struggling to push through! I am VERY excited to share with our wonderful clients the same state-of-the-art healing remedies I used and continue to use to heal! 


Jaylon- My love for Health and Fitness has shaped who I am today. Growing up I enjoyed being active and played all types of sports. I love being in an environment like 'All My Cryo' which allows me to grow in the field of next level prevention and recovery and to engage with new people every single day. As an aspiring Psychologist, along with my fascination of various healing modalities, I'm excited to embark on this journey and witness the true healing that Cryotherapy will have on each customer who walks through our door.   


Mariah- My passion for fashion & beauty is pretty simple… to help people feel better about themselves by looking better with a few minor accessories. I currently intern as a Stylist for an online Fashion Magazine and also at an International PR Firm while pursuing my other fascination, face & body skincare.  It’s extremely fulfilling to see the excitement our customers feel when they’ve taken steps improve their overall health and well being. Clearing acne, reducing love handles or cellulite can actually be life changing.  I also love traveling abroad when time permits and my city of choice to visit is London. Cheers!